Modular Digital Shower Systems

Modular Digital Showers

Many digital showers are now based on a modular system, this means that instead of the shower coming packaged as a complete system, with a set design, you choose your own components such as processor, shower head, shower hose, and additional accessories to create your own system.

A modular system allows you much greater flexibility to create the perfect showering environment of your dreams. Instead of having a shower head mounted on a riser rail you may wish to opt for a ceiling mounted fixed head and a hand shower. And if you are not too keen on the manufacturers shower heads you could choose one from a different manufacture to suit your tastes, just check the compatability first!



In case you find the thought of putting your own digital shower system together a little daunting we have put together a number of popular configurations on the modular systems. These are available to purchase through the site, all you need to do is choose the configuration you prefer and the specify your water system type (combi/high pressure or gravity fed) so that you receive the correct processor.

If you prefer the idea of specifiying your own system but would like some guidance on compatability and key components required etc then please do not hesitate to call our experts on 0151 608 8011.

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