Digital Bath Fillers

Much the same as the digital shower a digital bath filler pre-mixes the hot and cold water allowing for the digital control of temperature and flow rate for the filling of a bath.
A digital bath processor does away with the need for conventional/mixer taps and the 'mixed' water is delivered to the bath via either water spouts or clever 'overflow' fillers which totally eliminates any bath mounted or wall mounted filling apparatus.

Depending on the model chosen a number of beneficial features are available, these can include:

  • Temperature Control
  • Top Up Function
  • Programmable pre-sets
  • LED display
  • Preset Fill Levels
  • Built in Diverter to optional hand shower
  • Eco Mode
  • Safety Lock

Please note that not all the above features are available on all models.


HiQu Bath with Hand shower

Above: Aqualisa HiQu Digital Bath with Hand Shower


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