What are Digital Showers?

Digital Shower Processor

A digital shower brings showering into the 21st century. With a digital shower you can control the flow and temperature of water at a touch of a button. No more waiting for showers to warm up. Some models of digital shower offer pause features, remote control and pre-setable settings.

A digital shower is a stylish design led fitting, that will add impact and focus to any bathroom or wet room. Leading Manufactures Grohe, Aqualisa and Vado all have ultra stylish offerings in digital showers at different price points.

Digital showers work by taking water direct from both the hot and cold pipes and mixing it in a digitally controlled processing unit to achieve the desired temperature. This water is then pumped to the shower outlet, be that body jet, hand shower, fixed head or spray head at a constant flow rate as selected by the user.


The digital processing unit is specific for each type of plumbing system: High Pressure/Combination Boiler or Gravity Fed system, it is therefore important to correctly identify your water system before making a purchase.

A number of installation types are available, depending on manufacturer and model. For example a exposed version will conceal the supply pipe in the riser rail of the shower so that no unsightly pipes are visible. The concealed version is designed to be plumbed into the wall. Different options are also available for showering style, again dependant on manufacturer and model fixed height wall and ceiling shower heads are available as well as the traditional adjustable head on a riser rail. Some have the added options of hand showers and remote control operation, both wired and wireless.

Aqualisa Ilux Digital Shower with Fixed Head & Adjustable Head

Above: Aqualisa Ilux Digital Shower with Fixed Head & Adjustable Head

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