Rainshower Solo F-Digital Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Head

Rainshower Solo F-Digital Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Head
Rainshower Solo F-Digital Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Head
F-Digital Shower Control
Rainshower Solo F-Digital Shower Set with Adjustable Shower Head

Based on a series of concentric rings, the F Digital design guides you to the point of interaction. And with just three buttons and a dial, using the controller is both intuitive and simple. The outer ring features textured detailing, ensuring maximum comfort and control of the water flow, even with wet or soapy hands.

The wireless Digital Controller and Digital Diverter (optional additional purchase) connect remotely to a thermostatic mixing unit, for accurate temperature control, greater showering comfort, and enhanced design freedom.
Digital thermostatic mixer
Digital thermostatic mixing units for the bathtub and shower can be located up to 6 m away from the bath or shower fittings, giving you the freedom to plan your bathroom exactly as you wish.

Combi / HP Processor:

The high pressure (HP) digital processor is for use with high pressure water systems which can include a combination boiler or mains fed water.

Gravity Pumped Digital processor with integral pump:
The low pressure (LP) digital processor is suitable for homes with low pressure gravity fed water systems. This digital processor integrates a pump to provide extra power.

Unique features at the push of a button:
Warm-Up Mode -
The light on the Digital Controller flashes when your pre-selected temperature is reached, so you’ll know exactly when your shower is ready.

Pause - When you want to shampoo your hair or apply an exfoliating body scrub, just press the ‘Pause’ button and the system will memorise your current settings. Press the button again to restart the water at the exact same temperature and flow.

Add a second controllerStart your shower without getting wet. It is possible to add a second Digital Controller to your shower and place it outside the shower area.

SafeStop -
A safety lock is factory-set at 38°C to prevent the temperature from being accidentally being raised above this level. The limit can be adjusted, according to your needs.

The perfect temperature -
For your safety, comfort and enjoyment all GROHE Digital shower and bathtub fittings are connected to a digital thermostatic mixer. Featuring GROHE TurboStat® technology, the thermostat reacts instantly to any changes in the incoming hot and cold water supplies, to ensure the temperature you select remains constant for the duration of your shower.


Digital Controller - intuitive multifunctional operating unit
- Wireless technology
- Temperature and flow control
- Pause-function
- Memory function
- LED ring incl. warming-up function: visual feedback when preferred temperature is reached

Digital thermostat unit
(concealed body)

- warm/cold-supplies 1/2"
- 1 outlet 1/2"
- with pump and build-in power supply 110-240 V / operating voltage 24 V / cable length 400m (Low pressure / Gravity fed version only)
Transceiver unit for Digital Controller and Digital thermostat unit incl. cable 3 m

Rainshower Solo shower set
- Shower head, hose & riser rail
Rainshower® wall union /2" (27 057 000)

GROHE TurboStat® digital controlled compact cartridge with wax thermoelement
default setting configurable during installation. Always the right temperature.
Reacts instantly to changes in water pressure.
- automatic safety shut-off after 20 min
- GROHE SafeStop at 38°C
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish - A radiant chrome finish that resists soiling and tarnishing for enduring pristine looks.
GROHE EcoJoy® technology - Integrated water-saving technology reduces water and energy consumption without compromising on design, performance and product enjoyment.

5 Year guarantee.

Operating Pressure:

High Pressure / Combi boiler: Minimum recommended pressure 1.0 bar.
Low Pressure / Gravity fed: Recommended pressure 0.1 - 1.0 bar


What type of processor do you need, Combi/HP or Gravity Fed?

It is important that you select the correct processor type for your water system.
Low pressure pumped processors must not be used on a HIGH PRESSURE or COMBINATION BOILER system.
If you have such a system choose the Combi/HP option when adding the item to your basket above.

If your water system is a UNPUMPED conventional GRAVITY FED system (usually with a hot water tank) then choose the pumped LP Gravity Fed option above.

If you have any doubts about the correct processor for your system please see the following page for help: Choosing Your Digital Shower.

Alternatively you may wish to consult with your plumber or call our digital shower experts on 0151 608 8011 for advice.


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